"From Nature to History"

International Sheki Ceramics Symposium, "From Nature to History", organized by “ABAD” public legal entity in Sheki, Azerbaijan.

“ABAD” (Simplified Support to Family Businesses) public legal entity run by the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established by the Presidential Decree dated 23 September 2016.

At present, ABAD supports the families operating in two directions: decorative-applied folk arts and food production “from ideas to the shelves”. Thus, the organization contributes to the economy of the country as well as the promotion of decorative-applied folk art, which is an integral part of the culture.

With the service of ABAD, many fields of decorative-applied folk art began to experience a renaissance in the country: coppersmithing, pottery, woodworking, blacksmithing, carpet weaving, silk rearing, knitting, etc. At present, about 300 artists have joined the “ABAD” family. Their handmade souvenirs are on sale at the "ABAD" ethno-boutiques. In addition, ABAD is conducting training courses and master classes in many regions of the country for those who want to get acquainted with crafting skills and continue on these professions in the future. "ABAD" schools also play a great role in giving greater knowledge and understanding to people in the field of crafting.

The creation of the first Ceramics Center in the South Caucasus for Ceramics is also initiated by ABAD. The number of ceramic centres will increase in the nearest future and this increase will make Azerbaijan a land of artisans again.