Mir Teymur Mammadov

Mir Teymur Mammadov

Mir Teymur Mammadov

Curator of Sheki Ceramics and Applied Art Center

Residing in Baku, Mir Teymur Mammadov, dedicated more than 60 years of his life to Ceramic Art. He started to show interest in this art at the age of 5 and as years passed by, his family came to attention of his talent and creative aspirations and they supported him to forge ahead.

Mir Teymur Mammadov graduated from Baku's Art School Named After Azim Azimzade and decided on a career in the production of ceramic items.
In 1968-1978, a craftsman studied at the Saint Petersburg Higher School of Art named after V.Mukhina and became a specialist in these years as he improved himself.

The ancient Turkish tamgas (stamps in the Mongolian language) are the most commonly used details on and fine points of his handicrafts.

Mir Teymur, who works as an ethnographer along with painting, explores the ancient history of the Turkish folks and reflects their culture, language, alphabet and mental outlook on his works of art.

The artisan uses all of his knowledge, financial and physical capabilities to transmit the historical values of Turkish nations to further generations.

Mir Teymur Mammadov, who decorated every single stone with various handiwork on the walls of his house, applied to the ABAD to receive support to promote the country’s culture to the world.

National and exquisite souvenirs made by prominent craftsman are presented at "ABAD" sale centers and met great interest of local and foreigner visitors.

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