International Ceramics Symposium <br> SHEKI - 2019

International Ceramics Symposium
SHEKI - 2019


The people of Azerbaijan are one of the oldest nations passed through a complicated historical way. Over the centuries, a rich and diverse culture has been created here. Decorative-applied folk art has become one of the most developed areas of this culture. Each form of artistic creativity proves the talent and moral richness of the Azerbaijani folk.

Being one of the examples of decorative-applied art, the ceramic craft is considered to be the most valuable cultural heritage for all humanity. Peoples' roots, ancient history are defined by their ceramic traditions. Throughout history, ceramic is associated with human life and expresses its aesthetic pleasure and outlook. Numerous ceramic samples and ancient wood stoves have been uncovered during archaeological excavations throughout the entire territory of Azerbaijan, especially in Shaki.

In order to contribute to the development of ceramic art around the world, we organized the International Symposium "From Nature to History" in 2019.

Purpose and tasks of the symposium

1. Strengthen cultural traditions, promote and support them;

2. Exchange of experience to increase the level of professionalism among the attendees and local ceramic artists;

3. Introduce the participants and visitors of the First International Symposium "From Nature to History" to contemporary trends in ceramic

4. Creation of a collection of ceramic artworks by symposium participants



-Should be a citizen of a foreign country

-Must be over 18

-Must have an experience in the field of ceramics


Note: Deadline for applications - 10.04.2019

Please note that except the international travel costs, all the expenses are covered by the organizer.